奥马尔·莱尔奥马尔·莱尔 attended 极光 Hills Middle School from sixth to seventh grade, 离开科罗拉多几年, and returned to 极光 to finish high school at Gateway High School. The time Omar spent at Gateway opened his eyes to what the real world would be like. 他的篮球教练, 杰夫甜, prepared Omar for some of the drill sergeants he would later encounter in the Army. 除了, 桑德拉Sundine, 他在Gateway的数学老师, 告诉他,他没有发挥出自己的潜力. “She brought me down to Earth and I will always remember her for that,” Omar says. 

Gateway高中毕业后, 奥马尔参军了, 当他离开军队的时候, 他进入了丹佛大都会州立大学. He admits he had to drop out of Metro State because he wasn’t prepared for the college life at the time. 在奥罗拉做过不同的工作之后, he decided to enroll at the Community College of 极光 in 2008. 在CCA, Omar says he learned about a college work ethic and received a lot more care and attention from his instructors because of the smaller class size.

Omar now works as a planning assistant with the 奥罗拉市’s Community Development Division. 在这个角色中, he meets with developers to evaluate environmental plans for development and administers HUD funding to different communities in 极光. Omar also serves on the veteran’s affairs commission for the 奥罗拉市.

“CCA was exactly what I needed to figure out what being a student meant,” Omar says. “CCA allowed me to get the college feel – to get into that atmosphere to succeed.”

参加CCA后, Omar finished his bachelor’s degree at University of Colorado 丹佛, 获得政治学学位.



管基Plascencia stands in the hallway of the hospital where he works as a staff interpreterWhen 管基Plascencia came to the United States from Chihuahua, 墨西哥, 他当时18岁, did not speak English and experienced the frustration of not being able to communicate in his new country. 

近10年后, Jaasiel is helping others overcome that frustration as a staff interpreter at a hospital in Boulder.

After receiving his Translation and Interpretation Certificate from CCA in December 2014, Jaasiel said that he landed what he calls an “amazing job” as a staff interpreter in fall semester 2015.

He said that the Translation and Interpretation program at CCA prepared him for a career as an interpreter, 特别是与他遇到的其他口译员相比.

“I see a lot of interpreters – you can tell they’re not prepared,” Jaasiel said. “[CCA] teaches you how to do it and the right way to do it.”

In his position, Jaasiel assists Latino patients who need interpretation services at the hospital.

Before he started with the Translation and Interpretation program, Jaasiel was confused about what he should do for a career and was looking for options. When he found the Translation and Interpretation program, 他爱上了这个项目和职业道路.

He finished the Translation and Interpretation Certificate over two semesters, and after a spring 2015 internship with the city of 极光 and a summer trip to Brazil, Jaasiel从医院开始.

Jaasiel said that CCA was a great school for not only the program but for the staff. 他特别提到了尤利娅·费达森卡·克劳德, coordinator for the Translation and Interpretation program, 作为激励他的老师之一.

“She’s an interpreter – she’s not just a teacher,” Jaasiel said.

He considers himself lucky that he enrolled at CCA and that he learned a lot of the necessary legal and medical terms for his career at the college.

“I’m sure there is a lot more to learn – that’s what I’m going to miss,” Jaasiel said.

Jaasiel said that he would definitely recommend the Translation and Interpretation program and CCA to anyone who is interested in translating and interpreting as a career option.

“If you have the desire and talent to do it – go for it. 它将改变你的生活,”贾希尔说.

Jaime Corchado

系统工程师 & 开发人员
惠普(hewlett - packard)

Jaime Corchado校友成功Jaime Corchado attended CCA as a high school sophomore in 2008 as part of the state’s Concurrent Enrollment program. He continued his education at CCA after high school and earned his Associate of Science degree from CCA in 2011. He attended Colorado School of Mines and earned his Bachelor of Science in 2015 and is now working as a systems engineer & 他是柯林斯堡惠普公司的一名开发人员. As a systems engineer, he creates code for business storage involving big data.

Jaime cites his experience in the Concurrent Enrollment program at CCA as a major factor toward meeting his educational and career needs. Since most of the cost of the Concurrent Enrollment program was paid through Jaime’s school district, he and his family did not have to finance a large portion of his education at the start of his college journey.

“If the program wasn’t there I don’t think I would have even tried to go to college,詹姆说. “一旦我留在学校,我就知道我必须坚持下去.”

在CCA的时候, Jaime discovered that there was more to learning than simply handing in assignments and taking tests like in high school; at CCA, 他学会了更加批判地思考. “All the classes were asking serious questions,詹姆说. “在高中,你从来不会问这些问题.”

在CCA的时候, Jaime enjoyed the level of diversity found on campus – he often met students who were from very different backgrounds than his or he met people who encountered great difficulty to make it to college.

“You hear a lot of inspirational stories from CCA,詹姆说.

For students considering attending college and whether or not to go, Jaime said that CCA is a great fit and will definitely change your mind about attending college.

“如果你正在为上大学而发愁, [CCA] will push you in the right direction to keep going,詹姆说.



肖恩•尤德CCA校友, 肖恩•尤德 attended CCA from 1995-98 and received an Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree. 从CCA入学后, 他接着去了缅因大学, 作品设计方, and earned a bachelor's degree in International Affairs and a master;s in Economics.

Currently, Sean is a researcher at the 都柏林大学 (Trinity College). 他即将完成博士学位.D. in economics with a focus on developmental economics and poverty reduction. His research has provided him the means to travel throughout the world. 例如, the last few years have given him the opportunity to meet business leaders in China, 评估肯尼亚的减贫援助项目, and consulting on draft poverty programs for other governments. 他的研究已被世界银行发表.
Sean feels CCA provided him with two essential items in enabling his life and career to unfold as it has. "First, CCA gave me a key foundation in areas which are very difficult ìto master," he said. "The professional and friendly instructors at CCA took the scary out of learning. The smaller class sizes allowed for increased interaction. This interaction was necessary to my learning key concepts well. The mastery of these key concepts made future work much easier. 结果是, I was able to achieve higher grades than those who had done their work in much larger classes."
第二个, "my degree at CCA enabled me to secure my first major job while I was still finishing my bachelor's degree. This job helped me to pay for my further education and provide for my family. The degree at CCA was critical in my being considered for the position and eventually hired."  



维拉·帕克2004年12月, CCA Alumna 维拉·帕克 received an associate of applied science degree in accounting and certificates in computerized and governmental accounting. 当她刚开始在美国通信公司工作的时候, 她并不打算获得学位, her job required that she complete 24 hours of accounting. After attending several classes and talking to her instructors, 辅导员和其他学生, she decided to go beyond her job requirements and seek a degree.

One of her proudest moments was walking across the stage on graduation day with families and friends in the audience sharing the excitement of this special day. “如果不是CCA老师的指导, I would not have furthered my education; they played a major role in my decision to make my education the most important part of my career."

离开CCA后, Vera went on to earn a bachelor's degree in business administration as well as a master's degree in human resource management. "My education has broadened in scope; I am currently in the process of obtaining a doctorate degree in organizational leadership. I am so thankful that CCA was there for me at a crucial time in my career."

Vera currently works at 巴克利空军基地 as a supervisor in the accounting department.  "I am the liaison between vendors getting paid and the paying office.她补充道, "I strive to help others in my office continue their education and make it part of their careers, 就像我一样." It is clear that CCA has had a positive impact on Vera and continues to provide this same kind of guidance, 对在校生的支持和教育.